The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is that it carries a reminiscent lived-in look and a mellowed warm appearance. In its former life the purpose of the wood could have been anything from flooring to coal carriage sides.

Reclaimed wood will inevitably have picked up a few knocks, the odd split and bump along the way. That is also though one of the main reasons for its popularity and why you chose a piece of reclaimed wood for your home.

This only adds to a unique character that can only be acquired with time.

Wearing the beauty marks and scars of its former life with pride is why reclaimed wood provides relatively easy maintenance. Listed below are some tips to keep your rustic table looking its best for years to come.

Rings from cups and mugs and red wine spills are a common spills on tables. The bottom of hot mugs of steaming drinks can also leave marks.

A good rule of thumb is to quickly wipe any spills with a damp cloth. A set of coasters for cups and placemats will also offer good protection as well as set off a nicely decorated table.

Most reclaimed wood furniture will be finished with a coating on its surface, usually wax, varnish or oils to protect and nourish the wood. From time to time it’s worthwhile reapplying another layer to keep building up protection.

Make sure you ask what product to use from your reclaimed wood specialist where you made your purchase.

Like most furniture, it’s best to try and avoid placing reclaimed wood pieces in direct sunlight.

As well as using a damp cloth to stop any stains forming, lightly cleaning your furniture from time to time will protect it. Use a duster or soft brush daily to remove any dirt or crumbs that may collect.

Reclaimed wood that has been repurposed has lived to tell a new story. Take care of your pieces, and they will take care of you by providing you with a living space with character and warmth.