Decorating for the holiday season is our favorite time of year to showcase our reclaimed wood in a way that demonstrates the uniqueness and beauty of the material.

Every home has their own creative and unique ideas for decorating for the upcoming holiday to be shared with family and friends. The cornerstone of decorating besides the Christmas tree of course is the fireplace where the stockings are hung and the fire below roars with the warmth of the season.

We have listed some tips for creating a beautiful mantel for the holidays that everyone will enjoy.

First, clear your mantel. Beginning with a clean slate will provide a fresh look for the holidays. While this may seem obvious, many holiday mantels just incorporate seasonal decorations into existing mantel decor. Stow away your regular pieces for the season, or if it has been a few years, maybe it is time to look for some new pieces to display all year round.

The next order of business is to establish a theme. There are many so many unique styles that will reflect your home’s character and personality. A rustic look can add charm and warmth to the home whereas a contemporary look can create a sense of elegance and sophistication. Blending different colors to compliment your reclaimed wood mantel is key here.

Once the theme and color scale are selected, shop for decorative pieces that reflect your theme. As you do this, think about height and texture. Adding a round shape such as a wreath softens the hard lines and squares of the fireplace. Hurricane lamps on either end of the mantel add balance and height. Garland adds depth and texture. Greenery with pinecones enhances the rustic look, while white and silver with metallic and mirrors complements the contemporary look.

Finally, ask yourself if there are any personal touches you want to add such as a special family picture or a family heirloom. They can truly make your fireplace mantel special during the holiday season to bring warmth and cheer.

These are a few ideas to help you create a mantel that will make the heart of your home special for the holidays.

At Silverado Salvage and Design we love to create one of a kind fireplace mantels. Bring us your ideas and let us help you find a mantel that will make your the heart of your home special for the holidays.