What better way to celebrate the upcoming fall season and holidays that are just around the corner with a custom reclaimed wood mantel.

The fireplace has often been referred to as the heart of the home and during the holiday season the mantel sets the stage for stockings, lights and greenery to make our homes cheery and bright.

At Silverado we can create custom reclaimed antique wood fireplace mantels from a wide variety of reclaimed wood material choices.

Many mantels provide a one of a kind look that cannot be replicated because each piece of wood is unique. Hand hewn beams were created by using a broad axe to retain the charm of the artisans who had created them. Rough Sawn beams are more refined with circular saw marks from when the beams were originally milled over a century ago.

Rustic fireplace mantels once fitted to your specific area and design style provide a masterpiece of warmth, beauty and style.

How incredible it is that a piece of wood as simple as an antique barn beam can add so much character, individuality and coziness to a living space.

Reclaimed wood mantels truly make the perfect fireplace by adding a natural element to rustic or modern contemporary interior design.

Not only are the beams strikingly beautiful, but are structurally solid as well. They are well defined by the workmanship long ago that went into each precision swing of the craftsman’s axe. They were experts in hand-eye coordination that produced squaring and spot-on straightness.

At Silverado we will custom cut your wooden fireplace mantel to your specified length. Some of our customers have added hardware to accent the mantel while others have let the wood speak for itself.

All of materials are sourced from antiquated structures throughout the world. We pride ourselves in preserving the structure’s history through the rescue and re-use of building elements to provide a new story for the repurposed wood.