Reclaimed wood paneling will add character, dimension and artistic design to any room in your home.

Warm paint colors have long been popular to add warmth to homes. Reclaimed wood paneling goes much further by giving a room a sophisticated look while adding warmth.

There are many different colors of wood to choose from greys to beige and darker to name a few. Reclaimed wood paneling will add depth and dimension to a living area that will make a statement and won’t be forgotten.

Reclaimed wood is timeless and using these materials provides a second chance to tell a new story. Only time and the elements have allowed for the unique and irreplaceable look of repurposed wood.

Appreciating the beauty and quality of old growth wood, old saw marks, or dark patina of a rustic grade, you know that any antique reclaimed timber product is an investment full of character.

Many environmental benefits are realized when reclaimed wood is repurposed. Once wood waste is sent to landfills, the exposure to other types of waste may prohibit wood from breaking down. Instead, it may partially decompose and release methane gas – a type of greenhouse gas. Providing reclaimed wood a new life actually helps the environment too.

Reclaimed wood continues to surge in popularity because it offers homeowners something a little different for their home. Each board has its own unique character or personality with distinguishing authentic nail holes, markings, and patina that tell its life story. Reclaimed, antique wood has been through decades of seasonal expanding and contracting cycles, making it a very stable wood. Reclaimed wood is unique and filled with classic charm.

We have nicknamed Silverado a “wood lover’s paradise” where you will find more than 100,000 square feet of reclaimed wood acquired from all over the world.

The best part for our clients is that we sell to the public at wholesale prices. At Silverado, Salvage and Design our passion is to ensure that reclaimed wood is affordable to all consumers. You simply will not find this variety of unique reclaimed wood at these prices anywhere in the Los Angeles area.