Are you searching for the perfect gift for someone close to you? It could be for a wedding, holiday, or even a birthday.

What makes a perfect gift? Something that is made just for you and unique to the place you call home. You would want your gift to be beautiful and add character to any living space.

Do we have you wondering what this perfect gift could possibly be?

In case you haven’t guessed, consider giving a unique handcrafted reclaimed wood table that will be the foundation of many memories for years to come.

Today’s savvy individuals have a high sense of style when decorating their space.  The trend has long since moved away from the modern feel with most people wanting more rustic and industrial elements.

A reclaimed wood farm kitchen table or coffee table make tremendous centerpieces in rooms decorated with vintage tiles, copper, leather and flowers. It sets the stage for a warm and welcoming home.

Repurposing wood that could have come from a barn or a building means that you aren’t just putting a table in your home you are placing a historical piece with possibly centuries of character.

Pair the gift of a reclaimed wood dining table with a set of versatile, winged-top chairs.  Handmade, wooden farm chairs are very popular. They are built with comfort and support in mind and utilizing different color options can add more vitality to an area.

Beautiful handmade benches whether all matching or mix-and-matched are a great idea for one side of a dining table. Benches help maximize seating and increase flexibility.

If you are thinking about a possible wedding gift incorporate a table from festivities to home if you are hosting a farm or country wedding. They have become increasingly popular utilizing long farm tables in a rustic setting outdoors.

Whatever the occasion a gift of a reclaimed wood table brings character and warmth while having purpose in any home. Who could ask for a more thoughtful gift?!